Dairy’s Future Looks Bright to Corey Geiger

Corey Geiger is the Lead Dairy Economist for CoBank, one of the nation’s largest providers of credit to the dairy industry.

A two-time published author of books sold to all 50 states, he served as Editor of Hoard’s Dairyman, and it’s four language editions, for 28 years and covered the global dairy industry. 

In April, Corey will be at the Northeast Dairy Innovation Summit as the Keynote Speaker.  

We asked him a few questions leading up to the Summit: 

NE-DBIC: What about dairy are you most optimistic for over the next 10 years?  

CG: Dairy is dynamic and growing. It’s the largest category in the U.S grocery aisle at $64 billion in sales. What’s more, the amino acids found in dairy products are the most complete proteins known to humanity. As human populations age, this protein will be more coveted so that people can continue to be mobile and live independently. 

Are there any key insights you’re particularly excited to share during your keynote?  

Butterfat is back in a big way as the dairy component just scored a three-peat in posting a third straight record level. In 2021, the first record was broken at 4.01% and eclipsed the 1945 mark of 3.98%. Then came 4.08% in 2022 and 4.11% in 2023. The fact butterfat has so much upside is backed up by a 10-fold increase in butter imports into this country over the past 10 years. Additionally, we only export 5.9% of our milk fat but we export 23.4% of our skims solids. The flavor is in the fat and consumers are craving dairy’s butterfat. 

What’s your favorite way to consume dairy?  

I was born a cheesehead, so it’s definitely cheese. A great aged, sharp cheddar is always on my cheese board. 

Hear more from Corey at the Northeast Dairy Innovation Summit in Albany, NY this April 2-3. 

Check out Corey’s Keynote session description below and register by March 1 to get special early bird rates. 

Dairy’s Future Looks Bright: Opportunities for the Next Decade 

Dairy stands firm as the leading category in the grocery aisle and that position will continue to hold and grow. However, consumer preferences will reshape the dairy space both in the store and in the growing restaurant category.  In this Keynote session, we’ll delve into trends on shifting milk patterns, opportunities for the Northeast, and what will propel dairy into the future. 

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