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Looking Back at the Impact of Dairy Funding in 2023 

by Katie Spring, Outreach & Content Specialist

2023 was a big funding year for the Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center (NE-DBIC). 

With over 120 grants and contracts, the NE-DBIC awarded over $18.3 million across our 11-state region. 

Three grant programs stood out with over $1million in funding each: 

With a focus on climate and community-forward production strategies, the Dairy Farm Innovation & Alternative Management Grant saw $1.07 million go to farmers to implement projects that enhance the resilience of our Northeast regional food system.  These projects range from studying and promoting extended lactation on goat dairy farms, creating a silvopasture grazing system, managing herds with geofencing, and more.       

Through the Processing Innovation Research & Development Grant, we awarded seven businesses across Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont with total overall funding of $1.06 million for research and development innovation.  Projects range in scope from developing and enhancing novel products, to market and distribution enhancement, wastewater reclamation, bilingual education for ice cream makers, and strategic marketing.   

The Existing Dairy Processor Expansion Grant awarded $12.2 million to 35 processors across eight states.  Over 3,200 dairy farmers benefit from this one-time catalytic investment, which stabilizes and expands options for their milk and increases the amount of local dairy on store shelves. These processing-focused grants were part of one-time funding designed to invest catalytic levels of funding into the dairy processing sector to enhance resiliency and stability for dairy farmers and processors alike.

Northeast dairy farmers and processors also benefitted from programs for on-farm milk storage and handling, marketing and branding professional services, dairy product innovation, food safety and certification, and dairy cohort technical assistance.   

NE-DBIC’s mission to increase innovation and resiliency for regional dairy production continues into 2024, with more funding opportunities available across the Northeast.  Learn more about our Program Impact and see what’s coming next year on our Funding Calendar.

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