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Three Dairy Funding Opportunities Open Now 

Just as there are seasons on the farm, there are seasons for grants. 

At NE-DBIC, we do our best to time funding to seasonal rhythms.  For dairy processors, that means our grant applications typically open in Spring and Summer, avoiding the end-of-year holiday rush.   For dairy farmers, applications open late fall through the winter, when the demands of summer have slowed and there’s a bit more time to sit down in the office. 

Now is when we turn from processor-focused to farmer-focused grants.

As of November 1, there are three funding opportunities for farmers and service providers to take advantage of: 

Massachusetts Co-Packing Startup Grant 

This grant is for Massachusetts dairy farmers looking to start their own farm branded value-added product line OR for licensed processors partnering with a MA dairy farm.  

With funding to support launching a partnership with a licensed dairy processor (within or outside of Massachusetts), this is a unique opportunity to launch a new enterprise. 

Awards will range from $15,000 to $35,000 with a 25% match commitment. 

The deadline to apply is November 16 at 2:00 pm eastern.  

Watch an informational webinar, get the Request for Applications, and learn how to apply

Dairy Farm Improvement & Modernization Grant 

This grant will fund a wide range of farm-based projects that prioritize long- term farm viability and climate/economic resilience.   

Project approaches may include modernization of outdated farm practices or specialized equipment, including milking systems, animal comfort improvements, water and nutrition management, and manure handling; farm-scale appropriate technology improvements; alternative business ownership/management models; innovative creating a culture of continuous improvement; and more. 

Awards will range from $15,000 – $100,000 with a 25% match commitment. Current and former farmer participants from NE-DBIC cohort farmers will receive priority for $695,000 of the funds from this grant. 

The deadline to apply is December 7, 2023 at 2PM ET.  

Watch an informational webinar, get the Request for Applications, and learn how to apply

Dairy Cohort Technical Assistance Contract 

Requests for Proposals for the next round of Dairy Technical Assistance Cohorts are available now. This popular program supports dairy farmers by bringing together individuals to both learn in a group and receive 1:1 support from a technical assistance provider. 

The upcoming cohorts may be focused on either dairy farming or dairy processing.   

TA providers can submit proposals for one or more of the following topics: increased grazing quality or quantity, home-grown forage enhancement, alternative herd management, innovative staffing and business management, marketing and education of dairy production practices, food safety and processed product production practices, value-added product marketing/sales, and production management. 

Contracts will be issued for up to $150,000.  The Request for Proposals is available now. 

The deadline to submit a proposal is November 16 at 4:30 pm ET.

More grants for dairy farmers will open throughout the winter. See our full funding calendar to plan your ahead for your projects. 

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