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New Feed-Finder Marketplace Aims to Ease Feed Shortages for Farms 

Even before the July floods, livestock farmers were facing feed issues due to an overwhelmingly wet summer.  

To address the feed shortage, farmers can now turn to a new resource called the Farm Feed-Finder Marketplace

Created by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets in partnership with the Vermont Agency of Digital Services, the Farm Feed-Finder Marketplace is open to farmers across the Northeast US and Canada. 

“The constant rain this summer has created a feed shortage for many farmers. This new, free directory is an easy way for those looking for feed to connect with those with feed for sale,” said Anson Tebbetts, Vermont’s Secretary of Agriculture. 

If you have feed for sale: 

Easily advertise feed, including hay, alfalfa, corn, soy, silage, and haylage, on the directory. Include details like whether the feed is organic and if you can deliver.

Register on the directory to list feed for sale. Registration is free and open to farms across the Northeast and Canada. 

If you’re looking for feed: 

Visit the directory to view availability, location, and pricing for a variety of feed. 

Read the full press release on the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets website. 

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