On-Farm Milk Storage & Handling Grant

Grant Overview

This grant opportunity is currently closed. It will be updated for a new round, expected to be offered in winter 2024-2025. 

The Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center (NE-DBIC) announces the availability of funds through the On-Farm Milk Storage & Handling Grant program, which will provide grants for dairy farmers to access funds that support the purchase of equipment and other related costs that will improve milk storage, handling, and energy efficiencies. The focus of this grant is on the purchase of specialized equipment. Applicants will be able to select from a pre-approved list of eligible equipment which includes milk storage tanks, milk pipeline, glycol chillers, milk loading systems, reclaim systems for water, cooling equipment, plate coolers/heat exchangers, and equipment installation costs.

Projects funded by this grant will streamline milk pick up, create efficiencies around milk storage, and improve handling for both farmers and their processors. Successful applications will show reduced costs to the farmer and will improve efficiencies around the movement of milk, reduce frequency of milk pick up, and/or otherwise meet processors’ needs for improved storage and handling.

Grants are available to applicants in all 11 Northeast states: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Grants will range from $15,000- $50,000 with a 25% match commitment. Match waivers are also available. FSA low-interest loans and other grants are encouraged to supplement the project. Total funds available: $800,000.


Applicants eligible for these funds are dairy farmers (producers) that:

  1. are headquartered or based in the Northeast; and
  2. produce milk within the Northeast; and
  3. are licensed dairy operations in compliance with all required state and/federal standards.

How to Apply

  1. Once it is released, review the full Request for Applications (RFA) for the complete details on eligible projects/applicants and the full application process. The RFA is expected to be updated for 2025 and posted in fall 2024. 
  2. Register in WebGrants (may take up to two business days).
  3. Complete your application in WebGrants using our Application GuideThis grant opportunity is currently closed. It will be updated for a new round, expected to be offered winter 2024-2025.
  4. Applicants who do not already have a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) through SAM.gov are strongly encouraged to start this process during the application period to ensure a timely start to their grant, if awarded. 

Previous Rounds 

Review the 2024 On Farm Milk Storage and Handling Grant Request for Applications (RFA) for full details on previous rounds of this grant. The RFA will be updated and subject to change for 2025. 

Have a Question about this Grant?

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