Past Grants

Learn more about past grant programs offered by NE-DBIC.

Our grant programs are informed by the needs of Northeast dairy farmers and processors. From agritourism and education to on-farm systems and processing expansion, we’ve funded a wide range of projects. Below are past grant programs that are now closed.

For current funding opportunities, visit our Dairy Grants & Contracts page.

To learn more about past projects, visit our Funded Grants Projects page.

Funding to elevate dairy businesses through agritourism across the Northeast region of the US. Projects must have a minimum of 3 dairy farmers or processors are actively engaged in the project’s agritourism activities.

Funds for existing dairy processors to acquire specialized equipment to increase milk processing capacity. This one-time grant program offered catalytic funding amounts for the region’s processors.

Grants for dairy processors to position their businesses for long-term success.

Funding for modernized dairy product packaging initiatives that prioritize sustainability, scalability, and marketability.

Funds for MA dairy farmers or a licensed dairy processor forming a new partnership with at least one MA dairy farm to launch a farm-branded value-added dairy product line.

Funding for dairy farmers to access resources and technical assistance to support the implementation of community- and climate-forward production strategies. Projects funded through this grant program take a whole farm system approach and increase collaboration with other farms or dairy sector stakeholders.  

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