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Shaping the Future of Dairy: Insights from the Northeast Dairy Innovation Summit

In April 2024, hundreds of dairy farmers, processors, service providers, and policy makers gathered for the Northeast Dairy Innovation Summit

Over two days, we dug into the question: what can dairy look like in in the next 10 years?  

We envision a future where regional dairy farmers, processors, and all involved in the dairy sector are supported by a strong economy, a resilient food shed, innovative approaches to production, and clear succession plans that lead to generational business growth.   

NE-DBIC grants help make this future possible.  To see the impact we’ve already made, view the summit NE-DBIC Impact slides.  

Hear what some of the Innovation Summit speakers and attendees have to say on the future of regional dairy: 

Building a More Inclusive and Dynamic Dairy Workforce 

A resilient regional food system depends on a strong workforce.   

With a need for greater diversity across the workforce, we began with the questions: Who is currently left out of the dairy workforce? What barriers are keeping people out? What can we learn from those who have successfully navigated these obstacles to create more accessible pathways? 

Hear from plenary panelists and policy makers in the video below, and dig into research on designing a regional dairy workforce program for the Northeast. 

Innovating for a Strong Dairy Sector 

As we move into the next decade, innovation will continue to be front and center across the dairy sector.

From investing in robotics and renewable energy to diversifying through small ruminant dairy and expanded product development, NE-DBIC funding will continue to play a role in supporting regional dairy. 

Learn more about the Northeast Dairy Innovation Summit.

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