Introducing the team: Laura Ginsburg, Kathryn Donovan, and Rebecca Brockett.

Introducing the Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Team

The Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center (NE-DBIC) is now fully staffed. We are pleased to have a strong team supporting dairy farmers and processors in our region. We are happy to introduce you to the team! 

Laura Ginsburg, Center Lead 

Laura has been with the Agency of Agriculture for three years in her role as the Section Chief of the Development Division where she leads a team of staff who run programs to support business development, marketing, market expansion, and access to funding. In her role as NE-DBIC Center Lead, Laura will coordinate with regional stakeholders, overseeing the strategic implementation of project funds, and developing ideas to address long-term dairy business success. Before moving to Vermont, Laura and her family ran a small, diversified livestock farm and ice cream creamery in Montana. She also has experience working on dairy farms in Vermont, Montana, and New Zealand, and worked on a large cow/calf beef operation in Wyoming. 

Kathryn Donovan, Center Coordinator 

Kathryn is a native Vermonter with over a decade of farm management experience in Vermont, Montana, and Washington, with a focus on seed production. Kathryn returned to Vermont in 2018, taking a position with VAAFM as regional marketing development coordinator. In this position, she managed the Vermont Building at the Big E, managed several state and federal grant programs, and engaged in regional distribution challenges facing Vermont producers. She brings with her skills in streamlining production processes and marketing and promotion development. Kathryn will focus on marketing and communications of the NE-DBIC, engaging with dairy farmers, processors, other Northeast state governmental agencies, and the public.  She will also manage grants and contracts for partner organizations, contractors, and businesses for activities within the DBIC.  

Rebecca Brockett, Center Contracts & Grants Administrator 

Rebecca recently moved to Vermont to join VAAFM as the new Contracts and Grants Administrator responsible for the DBIC fund management. Rebecca previously lived in Saint Louis, Missouri where she held the position of Contract Operations Manager at Equifax Workforce Solutions. During her eight years there she oversaw all contract processing and related activities for the business unit, developing a core strength in process design and improvement which she will leverage to lead process improvement efforts within the grants management system and processes. Additionally, Rebecca will be providing leadership supervising the Agriculture Development Grants and Contracts team. 

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