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Announcing the Massachusetts Co-Packing Startup Grant Awards 

Thanks to funding from the NE-DBIC’s Massachusetts Co-Packing Startup Grant, two dairies will soon expand their businesses.  

This grant supports both Massachusetts dairy farmers and licensed processors partnering with a MA dairy farm.  The goal: to help dairies develop partnerships that lead to new farm-branded products and an enterprise that benefits the farm and processing sectors. 

Two businesses were selected for awards: 

Meadowsweet Farm will launch a branded line of farmstead cheese made from their organic, grass-fed milk. They’ll develop and produce the cheeses in partnership with Grace Hill Farm, a local dairy co-packer and experienced artisanal cheesemaker. To support the sales of their new products – Cheddar and a Monterey Jack-style cheese – Meadowsweet will work with a marketing consultant to design a logo and packaging. 

Round Table Farm will establish a community creamery supporting micro-dairies by installing a combination vat/pasteurizer for co-packing. This equipment will increase the products RTF can make for co-packing clients, allow more farmers to access their co-packing offerings, and decrease the cost of services. To start, Round Table Farm will partner with Little Black Cow Dairy to co-pack a two-month aged farm-branded cheese.   

Their project will also develop a tool based on a Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources’ worksheet that will help them assess potential future co-packing partnerships with interested businesses.  

To learn more about co-packing and milk processing in Massachusetts, visit the MDAR Dairy Co-Packing Program webpage.

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