Dairy Research & Resources

Dairy farmers and processors can access free resources through NE-DBIC funded research studies, UVM Extension, and our Dairy Business Innovation Initiative counterparts.  

Dairy Research Studies

At NE-DBIC, we’ve funded a variety of research on dairy distribution, market conditions, and marketing to support dairy businesses throughout the region.  Dairy farmers and processors can access the research and resulting resources for free:   


Specialty Cheese Marketing Research Report

Report on market conditions, consumer trends, and distribution channels for specialty, artisan, and farmstead cheese

Dairy Processor Brand Strategy & Marketing Toolkit

Case study on processor strategies in the Northeast, and toolkit to increase marketing and branding strategies

Person in a hoodie walks behind cows going out to pasture

Designing a Regional Dairy Workforce Program for the Northeast

Research on workforce challenges in the dairy sector, and the potential for a pilot workforce program to alleviate those challenges.

Cheese wheels and wedges; photo courtesy of Jasper Hill Farm

Artisan Cheese Sensory Directed Research

A multi-year project studying how the smell and taste of artisan cheeses may help increase their sales and consumption.  

Supplying Milk for Specialty Cheesemakers

Assessment of dairy farms in VT and MA interested in supplying raw milk to specialty cheesemakers to diversify income streams

goats grazing on pasture with two solar panel arrays in the background

Sheep & Goat Market Conditions Report

Research identifying which markets are most ripe for development and expansion of regional goat and sheep milk products

Goats looking out the windows of a red barn

Vermont Goat Dairy Development

Research on the potential for development of the goat dairy sector in Vermont.

ice cream

Distribution Capacity Study

Opportunities to strengthen the region’s value-added dairy distribution network and how to leverage it to support dairy producers

UVM Extension Dairy Herd Management Technical Assistance

With support from NE-DBIC, dairy farm owners and managers can now receive on-farm technical assistance through University of Vermont (UVM) Extension. UVM Extension will engage with other regional Extension opportunities to share knowledge with farmers outside of Vermont. 

UVM Extension’s team of technical assistance specialists provide support in: milk quality, grazing and pasture management, dairy nutrition, animal husbandry, animal housing and facilities, and personnel management.

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The USDA funds three additional Dairy Business Innovation Initiatives. You can find resources and information about these initiatives on their websites:

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