Are you applying for a grant from the Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center (NE-DBIC)? 

Review these resources to help you prepare a strong grant application. If you’ve been selected for a grant, see what paperwork is required to receive funding. 

Using WebGrants 

NE-DBIC is hosted by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets and uses WebGrants for all grant applications.  The links below will take you to the Agency’s WebGrants resource pages: 

Grant Applicants: How to have an impactful application 

  1. Read through the program’s Request for Applications (RFA) 

Each funding opportunity has its own RFA that outlines important dates, eligibility requirements, areas of interest, funding priorities, the full application questions, and evaluation criteria. It is important to read an RFA in its entirety to ensure that you understand the specific priorities of the funding program and so you know what we are looking for in grant proposals, to have the most successful application possible. After reading the RFA, get in touch with the grant program manager if you have questions about project eligibility.  

  1. Answer questions thoroughly 

Applicants should answer all parts of questions, connect their project to the RFA’s funding priorities, and write a proposal that is clear and that contains a reasonable workplan. Proposals don’t have to be particularly “fancy,” but they do need to adequately answer the questions. It is also a good idea to write about your business as if the reviewer is not familiar with your business already.  

  1. Follow instructions 

Some easy ways to receive points on your application is to follow instructions. For example, if an application requests quotes for specialized equipment (items costing $5,000 and above), then include a quote for each piece of equipment. Similarly, if Letters of Support or Commitment are required, be sure you have them. 

Awarded Grantees: Paperwork 

  • As a grant recipient, you must submit a Federal W-9 form in order to be entered into the state of Vermont vendor system. (Prior grantees may not need to resubmit a W-9, unless the business name, address, or other tax-related information has changed.) Please read the instructions for correctly filling out a W-9. 
    • You must also hold a current registration in and have a current Unique Entity Identifier (UEI). UEI’s are free, and should be obtained directly from

  • If granted, you must submit a Certificate of Insurance (a common insurance form). We recommend forwarding the Vermont State Insurance Specifications (11/01/2023 revised) to prospective insurers for accuracy. The State of Vermont must be listed as an additional insured on the grantee’s policy. The additional insured information should list:  
    • State of Vermont 
      Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets 
      116 State Street 
      Montpelier, VT 05620 
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