Designing a Regional Dairy Workforce Program for the Northeast

The dairy industry is critical to the Northeast economy, landscape, and regional culture.  

Nationally, the dairy sector supports over 3.3 million jobs and an estimated $41.6B in direct wages. Despite this strength and scale, the Northeast region’s dairy industry faces barriers to growth and to meeting existing market demand.  

Workforce related challenges are one central barrier.  

To address these challenges, NE-DBIC contracted Karen Karp & Partners (KK&P), a food system consultancy, to examine dairy industry workforce challenges across our 11-state region. 

The goal of this project is twofold:  

  1. To execute research to understand the nuance of regional dairy businesses’ workforce challenges, including identifying a small set of specific, high priority occupations in need of support 
  2. To use research findings to develop an implementation plan for a pilot workforce program designed to alleviate those challenges 

In April 2024, KK&P released the interim findings from their research, addressing the first part of this project’s goal. 

Read the Report:  

Read the Designing a Regional Dairy Workforce Program Interim Report to learn about key interview findings, data analysis, the current dairy workforce landscape, and strategies to enhace the workforce ecosystem. 

The Final Report will be released in late 2024. 

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