Distribution Capacity Study

To support the region’s dairy farms and processors in realizing the market opportunity of value-added dairy, the NE-DBIC contracted food system consultancy Karen Karp & Partners (KK&P) in 2021.  

While when fluid milk consumption in the United States has declined steadily for years, overall dairy consumption has grown, and it’s projected to continue to grow, largely due to increased consumption of cheese, butter, and other value-added dairy products.  The regional value-added dairy sector represents a significant opportunity for New England’s dairy industry, which is comprised primarily of small- and mid-size dairy farms. 

KK&P’s research focused on:  

  • Identifying opportunities to strengthen the region’s value-added dairy distribution network 
  • Increasing value-added dairy producers’ ability to leverage that network 
  • Bringing the region’s unique and delicious products to stores, cafeterias, restaurants, and households throughout the Northeast 

Read the Report:

Read the full report, Strengthening the Regional Value-Added Dairy Distribution System, to learn about key findings, strategies, and recommended interventions developed through this extensive examination of the Northeast dairy supply chain.

Watch the webinar:

KK&P discusses their key findings and strategies developed through this extensive examination of the Northeast dairy supply chain, highlighting topics of supply chain brittleness, workforce, investments in distributors, marketing as a region, and supporting distribution readiness.

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