Sheep & Goat Market Conditions Report

While cows produce the majority of milk in the Northeast, sheep and goats play an important role in the overall dairy landscape.  

With rising interest in sheep and goat products, the Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center contracted Atlantic Corporation (Atlantic) to implement a consumer insights survey of Northeast consumers to assess attitudes and preferences regarding sheep and goat dairy products, specifically cheese, milk, and yogurt.  

To evaluate the most effective sales channels for Vermont and New England sheep and goat dairies, Atlantic conducted a business-to-business survey of New England sheep and goat dairy farms.  They also conducted secondary research of the global market conditions for sheep and goat dairy.   

You can access the study results for free below: 

Summary Report: Sheep and Goat Dairy Market Conditions and Consumer Research

This brief summary report highlights key findings from the research to educate New England sheep and goat dairy producers and other industry stakeholders on how to improve strategic planning and support market expansion. Learn key takeaways from consumer trends related to: 

  • Consumption
  • Consumer Preferences
  • Willingness to Pay
  • Packaging Preferences and Marketing
  • Perceived Availability

Full Final Report: Sheep and Goat Dairy Market Conditions and Consumer Research

With the culmination of a comprehensive research report and an easy-to-use, interactive data dashboard, Atlantic’s research project supports the NE-DBIC’s aim to strengthen industry engagement, improve strategic planning, and support business development and financial success to grow this sector of agriculture. 

Sheep and goat milk producers can assess the best markets, packaging options, and marketing activities with Atlantic’s detailed market research, which can help producers identify activities that may result in more profitable operations. 

Goat & Sheep Dairy Product Dashboard

Engage with this interactive dashboard for insights on sheep and goat milk, cheese, and yogurt.

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