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cheese making room with stainless steel equipment and cheese molds

Announcing Dairy Food Safety & Certification Grantees

We’re pleased to announce seven recipients of the Dairy Food Safety & Certification Grant. Awards range from $16,000 – $40,000, with a total of $225,000 in overall funding, and allow dairy farmers and processors to take actionable steps to improve the safety of dairy products and improve marketability.

The Year Ahead: Funding for Dairy Innovation in 2023

At NE-DBIC, our goal is to help dairy farms and processors innovate to become more sustainable and resilient – so when the unexpected happens (a pandemic and extended supply-chain issues, for instance), you’re equipped to meet those challenges and continue milking, processing, and distributing your dairy products throughout your community and region.

Investing in Community-Forward at Berle Farm

With funding through the NE-DBIC Food Safety & Certification Grant, Berle Farm purchased a lab table required for antibiotic testing of milk, pasteurizer and freezer thermometers necessary for IMS documentation, new IMS lids, and a commercial dishwasher for sanitizing reusable glass yogurt jars.

Goats at Fredrikson Farm

Fredrikson Farm Doubles Their Cheese-Making Capacity

The demand for their cheese led them to apply for a Dairy Food Safety & Certification Grant with the Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center (NE-DBIC), which allowed the Fredriksons to purchase a new closed batch pasteurizer that will accommodate increased milk production. Along with the new equipment, the grant also paid for Dianna to become a certified Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) through the Food Safety Preventative Controls Alliance.

Dairy Food Safety & Certification Grants Awarded

The Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center (NE-DBIC) is pleased to announce awards for 12 projects through 2022 Dairy Food Safety & Certification Grant, for a total of $290,540.09. This program helps dairy farmers, processors, and/or producer associations take actionable steps to improve the safety of dairy products and improve marketability.

Most Recent Funding Opportunities Available through NE-DBIC

U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy joined the Vermont Agency of Agriculture in announcing the latest rounds of funding opportunities available through the Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center. Grants and contracts addressing areas of grazing and forage, food safety, and technical assistance are currently open for application.

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