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Researchers look at cheese cave

Sensory Directed Research on Artisanal Cheese to Benefit the Local, Regional, and National Dairy Industry

In 2020, The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center (NE-DBIC) teamed up with the University of Vermont Extension to investigate factors that influence artisanal cheese flavor quality. Recently, Dr. Ben Wolfe (microbiology) and Dr. Scott Frost (chemistry) from Tufts University collaborated with UVM Extension to understand the complex connection between flavor, microbes, and chemistry, in artisanal cheese.

The Year Ahead: Funding for Dairy Innovation in 2023

At NE-DBIC, our goal is to help dairy farms and processors innovate to become more sustainable and resilient – so when the unexpected happens (a pandemic and extended supply-chain issues, for instance), you’re equipped to meet those challenges and continue milking, processing, and distributing your dairy products throughout your community and region.

NE-DBIC staff participate in a sensory training led by Roy Desrochers

Artisan Cheese Sensory Research Update

Earlier this year, UVM Extension kicked off a NE-DBIC funded project to use a sensory directed product development approach to connect the dots between the farm, cheese production, and final cheese products that meet consumer preferences.

$85k Contract Awarded for Study on Dairy Consumer Perceptions

The Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center (NE-DBIC) has selected, Metro Tribal, LLC out of Charlottesville, Virginia for an $85,000 contract to analyze consumer perceptions of dairy brands, perform a brand strategy assessment, and create a marketing and branding toolkit for Northeast dairy businesses to utilize. 

$95k Contracted for Distribution Network Capacity Study

Karen Karp and Partners (KK&P) out of New York was selected by the Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center (NE-DBIC) for a $95,000 contract to conduct research of New England’s distribution network capacity for value-added dairy products. This project will address New England’s current distribution system, capacity, and geographic considerations to determine meaningful opportunities for dairy processors to get their products to further and more robust markets along the eastern seaboard.

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