Technical Assistance

Dairy Farmer Cohorts: A New Approach to Technical Assistance

Across the Northeast, dozens of dairy farmers are improving their production strategies and businesses through Dairy Farm Cohorts,
an innovative approach to technical assistance funded by the Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center (NE-DBIC). To date, there have been five rounds of cohort-based technical assistance contracts. Here’s a look at some of the cohorts:

Lauren Gitlin of Villa Villekulla Farm with her goats.

Grantee Spotlight: Healthy Roots Collaborative

Funded by the Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center (NE-DBIC), this grant coordinates technical assistance to benefit multiple dairy producers and with the goal of increasing consumption, sales, and diverse markets for regionally produced dairy products.

5 New Dairy Farmer Cohort Technical Assistance Contracts Underway

The Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center (NE-DBIC) is pleased to announce awards for 5 additional farmer cohort projects throughout the Northeast region, joining 3 others already underway. These service providers provide targeted technical assistance to farms interested in transitioning to grass-based production models, enhancing the production of home-grown forages, and/or utilizing alternative farm management strategies not typically found in the United States dairy sector.

Creating a Culture of Farm Safety

The dairy farmers who have the longest careers in agriculture are those who have spent some time thinking about and prioritizing farm safety. Large dairy cows, heavy machinery, repetitive motion, and farm chemicals are just a few of the daily encounters that farmers and farmworkers must consider. And while some other industries have seen injury rates decline over time, the rate of farm accidents has remained stubbornly high.

Dairy Business Viability & Technical Assistance Grants Awarded

The Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center (NE-DBIC) is pleased to announce the award of Dairy Business Viability & Technical Assistance Grants to eight businesses and organizations in the Northeast. This grant program supports coordinated technical assistance projects that enhance dairy farmer and processor business operations and strengthen market opportunities.

Most Recent Funding Opportunities Available through NE-DBIC

U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy joined the Vermont Agency of Agriculture in announcing the latest rounds of funding opportunities available through the Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center. Grants and contracts addressing areas of grazing and forage, food safety, and technical assistance are currently open for application.

Farmers in a grazing cohort on pasture

Transition to Grazing: Farmers Thinking Outside the Box

In 2019, the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets was selected to lead one of three national USDA Dairy Business Innovation Centers. A total of $6.59 million was awarded to the Agency to fund a variety of projects in several priority areas. One identified area included assistance for farmers who would like to develop grazing as a production strategy.

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