White sheep, lamb and ewe, at Three Charm Farm

First Generation Farming at its Best: Three Charm Farm of Maine 

by Ali Boochever, Grants Coordinator

Nestled in Southern Maine, Three Charm Farm is not just a goat and sheep dairy; it’s a labor of love, a nod to artisanal craftsmanship, and an example of first-generation farming at its best.

Ingrid Claesson and Edward Sabatini, the passionate owners, have been making small-batch artisanal cheese and farmstead yogurt from their own milk since 2012.  

In 2022, Ingrid and Edward received a boost to their farm’s long-term vision with the award of a Dairy Marketing and Branding Services Grant 

This grant enabled Three Charm Farm to create a comprehensive marketing strategy, a brand identity refresh, a redesigned website, a food safety plan for Interstate Milk Shipping (IMS) Licensure, and an array of community engagement opportunities. A lot of exciting marketing progress has been made on their project, which will wrap up by the end of 2023. 

That progress includes a new website that features their updated logo and branding. The brand identity work included a comprehensive branding template which Three Charm is using for new signs, labels, marketing collateral, and all communications including their website. Feedback on their new branding has been exceptional. 

The farmers of Three Charm Farm in front of a red barn

Ingrid said of her experience with the Marketing and Branding Grant:  

“This work has forced some critical thinking that I might not have done otherwise; has allowed us to have the agency set-up templates that my printer can re-use; created electronic templates that can be used for social media, blog posts, newsletters, trade-shows, and events. 

“Finding the Williams Agency has been amazing! We would not have been able to have such a professional, comprehensive branding package without this grant. We expect this to last for years with only minor (and inexpensive) tweaks as we grow and develop our product line and brand. We are so grateful!” 

Three Charm Farm’s project extends beyond the technical branding and IMS licensure elements; they also hosted two “Open Days,” inviting the public for animal snuggles and cheese tasting. The outcomes speak for themselves: all cheese products quickly sold out, and cheese CSA sign-ups reached new heights. Their commitment to outreach didn’t stop there. They orchestrated a remarkable “Chef Day,” extending invitations to over 600 restaurants in Maine for milk and cheese tasting tours. The goal was not just to introduce their products but to build lasting relationships with Maine chefs and, in doing so, boost restaurant sales.  

Two goats at Three Charm Farm

Ingrid said of Chef Day:

“It was really a resounding success with chefs and market owners from across Maine coming to the farm to tour the pastures, interact with the sheep and goats, taste our milk, yogurt, and cheese, and talk to us farmers about local food and supporting small businesses. Many attendees are now enthusiastic new customers, particularly restaurants.” 

Their dynamic new branding will continue to shine as they promote more “Open Days,” building on the success of the past. Plans for private farm tours and a host of initiatives like ‘Chef Day,’ are upcoming.  

The Dairy Marketing and Branding Grant has led them to reinvigorate their brand, create exciting opportunities for community connection, and establish a stronger foothold in the dairy industry. The future is looking bright for Three Charm Farm. 

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