Panelists at the Dairy Symposium

NE-DBIC Presents at World Dairy Expo’s Dairy Symposium

This October, NE-DBIC’s Center Lead, Laura Ginsburg, and Regional Programs Manager, Kathryn Donovan, traveled to the World Dairy Expo in Wisconsin.

While there, Laura presented on the investments and impact of NE-DBIC’s projects. She was joined by representatives of the Southeast Dairy Business Innovation Initiative, the Dairy Business Innovation Alliance based in the The Center for Dairy Research, and the Pacific Coast Coalition – DBII.

To open the session, USDA Under Secretary Jenny Lester Moffitt announced that the four Dairy Innovation Centers are receiving a collective $23 million dollars to support dairy farmers and processors. NE-DBIC’s portion of funding totals over $7 million.

Listen in to Laura Ginsburg talking about our support of the Goat & Sheep Supply Chain:

Learn more about the market for sheep & goat dairy in the Northeast.

Heather Darby, an agronomist with UVM Extension, spoke about the impact of the NE-DBIC Dairy Technical Assistance Cohorts.

Dr. Darby has lead multiple cohorts to help farmers improve forage. At the Symposium, she highlighted the important role that grants play for cohort farmers, and how these cohorts can lead to even greater funding for critical research. Along with the funding Dr. Darby mentions in the video below, cohort members receive priority access to funds for some farmer grants through NE-DBIC. Learn more about the Dairy TA Cohorts.

View the entire Dairy Symposium here:

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