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A Century-Long Family Legacy Leads to Innovation with Cow-to-Cone Ice Cream

By Ali Boochever, Grants Coordinator at NE-DBIC 

For more than a hundred years, Wright’s Dairy Farm and Bakery has been delighting the local community in Rhode Island with top-notch dairy products.

As a fifth-generation dairy farm, they have thrived by adapting to changing times and evolving consumer preferences. With their unwavering commitment to quality, Wright’s Dairy has become an iconic brand. In recent years, they embarked on an exciting venture to bring their farm’s essence to the city by opening Wright’s Creamery— a year-round retail location in Providence serving, among other things, their delicious cow-to-cone ice cream. 

Inside Wright's Creamery

“We’re not just a farm or just a dairy or just an ice cream maker or just a bakery. It’s the synergy of all of these things that makes us who we are,” says Cate Kennedy, founder of The Wright Scoop. 

As the fifth generation of Wright’s Dairy, Cate Kennedy has decidedly breathed new life into dairy processing operations. While they’ve been pasteurizing and bottling milk on the farm since the 1930’s, adding ice cream to the operation brought new opportunities. This off-farm year-round retail location brings their farm’s essence to the heart of the city. 

Wright’s Dairy Farm and Bakery’s ambitious vision to establish Wright’s Creamery in Providence received a significant boost through a grant from the Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center. This grant, specifically designated for professional Marketing and Branding, provided the necessary financial support to develop a strategic marketing plan for the Creamery.  

With the funds, Wright’s Dairy partnered with Luminous Creative Agency and embarked on an extensive process that encompassed market research, branding consulting, content creation, and marketing campaigns. The funding played a critical role in transforming their aspirations into a reality and building a strong marketing foundation for their new Creamery location. 

Wright’s Dairy Farm and Bakery’s journey from a traditional dairy farm to a dynamic Creamery in Providence exemplifies their commitment to both innovation and community. As they expand their horizons, Wright’s Dairy will continue providing the highest quality products to their loyal customers for generations to come. 

Learn more about the Dairy Marketing & Branding Services Grant.

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